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Wellbeing Scan

We check fetal wellbeing during every scan at any stage of gestation. (8-40 Weeks)

Wellbeing Scan

Our position regarding Wellbeing Scans

Our understanding of fetal well-being as a minimum includes:

- absence of structural anomalies
- normal growth velocity
- normal vital signs (heartbeat, movements)
- normal placenta
- normal liquor

Wellbeing is checked at every scan

Checking fetal vital signs does not provide complete reassurance for parents. The baby with severe and
even lethal anomaly can have completely normal vital signs (heartbeat, movements, blood flow and
amniotic fluid volume).

Our vision is to perform maximal possible assessment of the baby during every scan. It includes careful
evaluation of the fetal anatomy (especially the heart and the brain) at any stage of gestation. The reason
for this is that serious anomaly can be previously invisible or have not developed at the time of previous

It means that after 26 weeks we always will offer you the Developmental Scan, which will include fetal
wellbeing assessment and as well as anatomical review.

How wellbeing is checked in the 3rd trimester

In the third trimester during our Developmental Scan fetal wellbeing is checked by:

- examination of fetal anatomy (especially brain, heart and kidneys)
- examination of fetal heart rate
- observation of fetal movements
- assessment of amniotic fluid volume
- examination of blood flow in fetal vessels (umbilical artery and middle cerebral artery)

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