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Scan Upon Request

If you require a Reassurance Scan as a second opinion or for any other reason, we are happy to accommodate this. (8-40 Weeks)

Scan Upon Request

What is pregnancy screening and why do we do it?

Screening in pregnancy is performed in order to examine the baby’s development and wellbeing whilst it
is still in the mother’s womb.
In most cases we can detect your baby’s heartbeat 6 weeks into the pregnancy and examine many of its
structures after 12 weeks. The findings we encounter via screening allow us to diagnose various issues
the baby and its mother could potentially face during all 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Any scans performed upon request will include the most comprehensive examinations
of fetal anatomy and wellbeing.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible diagnostic imaging and doing everything we can to
exclude any fetal anomalies or conditions. The structures we examine will primarily depend on the
gestational age and other circumstances. However, every scan will include an examination of the fetal
brain and heart.

Usually we are able to offer appointments the following day within our working hours (subject to
availability, we may sometimes be able to arrange same-day appointments).

If you exhibit any serious symptoms, you can be immediately admitted to Kampala
Independent Hospital.

Can I get ultrasound scan results straight away?

Yes, you will be given all your results immediately.

The results and images will be provided in hard and soft copies:

• Hard copy: scan report, growth charts, printed pictures of your baby
• Soft copy: scan report PDF, growth charts, high quality pictures and videos of the baby.

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