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Growth Scan

We check your baby growth at any stage of pregnancy. (8-40 Weeks)

Growth Scan

What is a growth scan?

The term “growth scan” is used by many hospitals and ultrasound centres. A growth scan checks how
well the baby is growing and usually performed at the third trimester of pregnancy. It checks fetal growth
and vital signs.

- we check fetal growth at any scan and at any stage of the pregnancy
- in the 3rd trimester we perform Developmental Scan which includes the “growth scan”

What is the difference between Developmental and Growth Scans?

The quarter (24.8%) of all fetal anomalies were diagnosed in the 3rd trimester (35-37 weeks).
Developmental scan aims to exclude those fetal problems which have late manifestation.

At Developmental Scan:

- we check fetal structures especially brain, heart and kidneys to exclude anomalies which have a delay in
- development or previously undiagnosed
- we check fetal growth
- we check fetal wellbeing
- we check the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid volume

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