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Gender Scan

Our imaging technologies are able to determine the sex of the baby from 13 weeks.

Gender Scan

The sex of your baby can be determined during any scan you attend from 13 weeks.

Many parents wish to know the sex of their baby for a variety of reasons. This may be reliably evident from
12 weeks, but in any case, we are happy to identify your baby’s gender as early as possible.

As we are professionals in fetal health, we believe that the most important information for expecting
mothers is the knowledge of the health and well-being of their baby, rather than just the gender. However,
since we perform a thorough top-to-toe examination of your baby during every scan, we would be able to
tell you the sex of the baby if you wish.

How can you determine the baby’s sex before 12 weeks?

The external genitalia develop relatively late in pregnancy, making it impossible to recognise the sex
before 11-12 weeks. On the other hand, genetic (chromosomal) sex is identifiable immediately after
conception. The NIPT (Harmony), based on DNA technology is able to determine the sex from 10 weeks.

Information for parents wishing to NOT know the sex of their baby

We have noticed an increase in parents choosing to not know the sex of their baby, as they wish to leave
it as a surprise for birth. We completely understand and support any parents who make this decision.

As with any other organ, abnormalities may be present on external genitalia, which we routinely check for
during imaging. While it is impossible to exclude all fetal sex anomalies by ultrasound.

We are committed to ensuring parents that do not wish to know the sex do not accidentally identify it
during the scan and we will ask you and your partner to close your eyes or look away when we are
examining identifiable features.

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