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Kampala Independent Hospital Jobs Portal

On his page you can find out all about our current vacancies and how you can apply for job at our organisation. Please note that we are only accepting job applications via email as our HR staff is not based on the hospital grounds and our clinical staff is extremely busy attending to the patients.

You can send your application and intrest to:

A Unique Team of Doctors & Medical Professionals

If you are medical professional seeking opportunity to work in multicultural and modern environment providing exceptional care to our patients, we would like to hear back from you.

We are constantly looking to expand our team with dedicated and hard working professionals. Regardless of your speciality and location, feel free to send us your CV and experience portfolio.





Current Vacancies

1. Laparoscopic Surgeon (August 2015)

The appointee will be responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and continuing care of patients with general surgical conditions and, in conjunction with Consultant colleagues, take part in general surgical duties performed by minimum invasive keyhole surgery methods.Evidence and list of performed minimum invasive keyhole surgery procedures is compulsory.

2. Dentist (August 2015)

Dentist wanted with experience in carrying out surgeries.

Other desirable skills:

  • operating technical equipment such as X-ray machines
  • keeping an accurate record of a patient’s dental structure (which may need to be used to identify an individual)
  • keeping up-to-date with developments in dentistry

3. ENT Clinical Officer (August 2015)

Experienced ENT Specialist and technician wanted for the full time position.

4. Anaesthesiologist (August 2015)

We are looking for Anaesthesiologist which have vast experience in performing Gynaecological procedures, especially spinal anaesthesia.

Also to lead and pre-operative and post-operative care.

Pro-activity and teamwork are essential.

5. Theatre Nurses (August 2015)

Must have proven record and experience in the theatre as those information will be verified. Usual tasks will be carried out such as sterilization of the instruments, cleaning and prepping instruments and assisting during the surgeries.

6. Midwives (August 2015)

Experienced and pro active midwives wanted to join very busy Gynaecology & Obstetrics Clinic. Our existing team is strongest clinic in our hospital and they are looking to expand with individuals which are extremely hard working and team work orientated. If this sounds like you please get in touch!

7. General Nurses (August 2015)

General Qualified Nurses with high standards and compassionate care wanted. Mandatory training and pre-trial period are required.

8. Laboratory Staff (August 2015)

Experienced Lab technicians and Lab technologist wanted.

9. Receptionists and Support Staff (August 2015)

We strive to provide great customer care and we are looking for individuals which strive the same.

From receptionist staff, to cashiers, accounts assistance, cleaners, kitchen staff, etc.

Please send us your CV with covering letter explaining how you can contribute to our organisation goals.

10. Clinical Lead Nurse (August 2015) - Gulu Independent Hospital Branch

Clinical Lead Nurse wanted for our Gulu branch.

We are looking for someone who has high standard in every aspect of nursing, from care to hygiene and most importantly managerial and organisational skills.

Good benefits package.

Please send your CV to

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